Does starting Nursery mean that children will constantly fall sick?

With an eyebrow raised in worry comes the question I always wait for: “Will my child get sick when she starts nursery?” It is one of the things we get asked by mums who are starting nursery and one of those questions that they know the answer to but still ask anyway. The answer I always give is: “Yes. Generally children who start nursery for the first time will get sick; it is unavoidable and part of strengthening their developing immune systems”. As nonchalant as I try to be, mummies are always particularly worried especially after the dramatic and woeful stories of weeks of illness they hear from their friends and acquaintances. Yet, as unavoidable as this is, the nursery can make a difference. I can hear you ask how?

Well, it is true that nursery children fall sick during their nursery years, but a nursery environment with a solid cleaning routine and a robust Infection Control Policy will minimise children’s absences due to illness. With so many children present, hygiene is vital. Here at the nursery, for example, we have 3 levels of cleanliness: every classroom is fitted with the “Baby Air” air purifier which helps to minimise mould and bacterial particles. Classrooms are cleaned 3 times daily with special attention given to toys, surfaces and floors. More intense cleaning is done on Saturdays, when mats and toys are washed, sanitised and left in the sun. Floors are scrubbed and surfaces are cleaned and sanitised with eco-friendly, non-toxic products. Our wonderful ladies around the nursery have a very comprehensive cleaning routine which they enthusiastically adhere to. Additionally, our AC’s are cleaned and biologically sanitised by Saniservice.

Parallel to this, the nursery has a strict Infection Control Policy which has been drawn to protect the health and safety of everyone who circulates within its walls. Ultimately, the cleanliness routine, the use of non-toxic cleaning products and a carefully implemented Infection Control policy will benefit the children of the nursery by minimising repeated infections. In this way, children’s absences due to illness are reduced.

Kid’s Island and Cocoon nursery are eco-conscience nurseries where the importance of cleanliness is obvious. Clean environments, whether school or home, should not mean sterile chemical zones but ones where the environment, children, parents and staff members are respected. The use of ENJO microfibers, pure soap, bio-sanitiser and essential oils has been our mainstay for years now and part of our values and ethos. Come see us in the office for more ideas of chemical-free cleaning.