How we communicate with parents, The Communicator.

You have access to both Kid's Island and Cocoon Nurseries’ important information! We post the class snapshots, the academic and activity dates and a gallery images of what is happening around the nurseries so you do not feel left out!

Our nursery management team operates an open door policy and parents are always welcome to seek advice, share information and deliver their input.

By using the communicator you do not have to worry about receiving spam emails or important ones that can get lost along with everything else. Everything we announce is in one place and in your pocket! We reserve emails with parents for direct communication regarding official, private or personal matters.

Download the D6 Communicator app here for iPhones/iPadsAndroid or simply visit the communicator website at to use the browser app on any device you own.

Registration for the app is user friendly. Once downloaded, it will only ask for your name and email, then you can select the school which in our case is 'Kids Island & Cocoon Nursery' and you are set!


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