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The story of Kid’s Island and Cocoon Nurseries

In 1991, Isabelle Amatoury, opened Kid’s Island Nursery in Dubai, at a time when few preschool learning options where available to parents. The Nursery quickly earned a reputation for offering quality education in a fun filled environment. In 2009, the decision was taken to open Cocoon Nursery, a sister Nursery to Kid’s Island. It was located around the corner from Kid’s Island and offered classes for the older children within the Nursery.

The Cocoon facilities doubled in size in 2011, as phase 2 of the Nursery was opened. The expansion allowed for further growth and was a step closer towards the vision Isabelle was pursuing, which was to have all the children under the same roof again. In September 2017, this vision was achieved as Kid’s Island and Cocoon Nurseries amalgamated. The move was a huge success, with many natural features added to the playgrounds and learning areas to enhance the children’s educational experience.

Along with the amalgamation came the decision to slowly phase out the name Cocoon Nursery and to continue using the name Kid’s Island Nursery. Cocoon Nursery has not disappeared it has merely come home to rest within Kid’s Island Nursery.