Extra Curricular Activities!

As well as our trimesters full of fun and exciting activities for your children, we also offer parents the choice to participate in some extra curricular activities outside of normal nursery hours. All extra curricular activities incur an additional and separate fee. Here are the activities we currently offer:


Arabic & French Language Classes.

Baby Arabia offers Arabic and French language classes, which allows the children to be involved in simple activities that encourage them to develop their languages in a fun, musical and educational manner. The different activities are supported through books, music and actions. Baby Arabia encourages multilingualism and explores communication, listening skills, confidence, fine & gross motor skills, movement, dance and social skills.

If you would like more information regarding their teaching activities please visit their website at www.babyarabia.com.

Please visit the office to find out how to register for our language classes.


Sportzcise Soccer®

Sportzcise Soccer is a skills based program for boys and girls aged 2 - 10 years. Emphasize is placed on the fun element of Soccer and Movement while working on special awareness, balance, communication, co-ordination and overall health and fitness. We learn through play in a creative and structured environment.

Please visit the office to find out how to register for Sportzcise Soccer®.



Monkeynastix is a movement education programme that teaches basic training in flexibility, balance, strength, agility, co–ordination and body awareness. We teach a broad skills base with the focus being fun orientated whilst developing health, fitness and social integration.

Please visit the office to find out how to register for Monkeynastix®.


Kiddie Gym®

Kiddie Gym® offers a fun and exciting class for children to build on their motor skills. Motor skill development made fun builds confidence that leads to a lifetime of success!!!
Please visit the office to find out how to register for Kiddie Gym®.