At Kid's Island and Cocoon Nurseries we aim to create settings that are safe and healthy for children, families and staff. As the number of children suffering from asthma and allergies has been on the increase, we focus on the cleanliness of our nurseries without compromising on the quality of our natural environment through the use of eco-friendly cleaning products.
Ways the Schools are protecting our environment:

  • Water saving devices: Both water reducing caps and automatic motion sensor taps have been installed to reduce our water consumption.
  • ENJO Microfiber Cleaning System: All areas of the Nursery are efficiently cleaned using this system which decreases our Chemical consumption by 95%. All products are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and leave no residues.
  • Reducing paper consumption: The bulk of our correspondence (98%) with our families is conducted by via The Communicator.
  • Essential oil blends and air streamers: The use of specific child friendly essential oil blends diffused by air streamers throughout the nursery creates a naturally fragrant environment that not only appeals to the senses, but also contributes to children’s wellbeing by their calming and purifying effect.
  • AirFree Air Purifiers: Air sterilisers are located throughout the nurseries to help combat the spread of germs.

We aim to instil in our children an awareness of their surroundings and a sense of responsibility through various programs. We believe that teaching children from a young age to respect their environment is essential to creating a new generation who is thoughtful of their surroundings.

Ways the Schools are promoting environmental awareness:

  • Recycling Awareness Programme: Each child receives a special carry bag in which to collect recyclable items from home. Parents and children are encouraged to drop these items off at our Recycling Stations thereby promoting good habits.
  • Arts and Crafts Recycling Projects: Our children regularly use recycled items for junk modelling projects in class. This creates awareness amongst the children that items can be reused and that everything should not just be thrown away.
  • Earth Day: Environmental awareness is supported within the Schools during this annual event where children and staff take a ' Green Pledge ' to save on wasting water, electricity and materials.
  • Recycling Dress-Up Day: Our parents work with their children to create outfits from recyclable items around the home. This provides an opportunity for our families to discuss the benefits of recycling. The children are then given the opportunity at School to display their creations.

Conservation Award

Kids Island and Cocoon Nurseries were awarded the 2nd place for the Conservation Award which is given out by the Dubai Government, Knowledge and Human Development Authority and DEWA based on eco-friendly parameters.