Nature Inspired Learning at Kid's Island Nursery

 Imagine a Nursery where children are encouraged to incorporate elements of nature into all aspects of their play and learning. Where dry leaves & twigs are used for painting and rocks are used for counting.  Where classes are mindful of all that surrounds them and are encouraged to stop and watch a caterpillar munching on a crunchy leaf or observe a busy bird making a nest. This rich description refers to everyday moments at Kid's Island Nursery in Jumeirah, Dubai.

Kid's Island Nursery believes that nature based learning teaches children to be curious which in turn allows them to express greater creativity. Introducing children to a nature rich environment such a mud kitchen equipped with real pots and pans, vegetables, water and mud, facilitates the role playing that will take place and provides endless teaching moments. The environment triggers their curiosity, while creating opportunities for sharing and getting dirty leading to a total sensory experience. Learning moments like this are intended to foster a love of nature and learning within the children.

Nature centered learning also provides teachers with a platform to educate children about environmental responsibility. This may manifest itself in children growing herbs in recycled plastic pots, or creating wind chimes from recycled items from around the home. Teachers will use these learning moments to initiate conversations about where things come from, how they are made and how they should be disposed, to create a greater awareness of the importance of nature within their lives. It is with this goal in mind that Kid's Island Nursery strives to nurture a positive attitude towards learning and the environment.

Founder of Kid’s Island Nursery, Isabelle Amatoury, offered us a glimpse into their practices: “We believe that each child is unique and deserves the opportunity to experience the best start to their educational journey. We offer a diverse nature-based learning program that fulfills the requirements of the British Curriculum, while nurturing a love and appreciation of the environment. Our aim is to plant seeds of curiosity and awareness while inspiring creativity.”

About Us

Kid's Island Nursery in Jumeriah, Dubai, was founded over a quarter century ago by Isabelle Amatoury. They follow the British Curriculum and cater to children ready for nursery, preschool and kindergarten. Parents are encouraged to visit the Nursery and explore their nature-based learning facilities. For more information, call +971 4 394 2578 or email