The Learning Garden Award - Kid’s Island Nursery Receives Recognition for its Nature-Inspired Teaching Methods

This year Kid’s Island Nursery received the Learning Garden Awardpresented from the BeUnique Foundation,in recognition of our unique nature-inspired curriculum. Our Nursery community has grown immensely over the last three decades. During this time, we have firmly established our reputation as a trailblazer amongst early years providers in Dubai by continuously enriching the British Curriculum with innovative ideas aimed at meeting our community’s diverse and changing needs.

Our vision is to reinforce that learning can occur anywhere and should not be strictly confined to the classroom. We have created learning experiences which span across the curriculum and which flow between the indoors to the outdoors. We build on children’s innate curiosity and enthusiasm by providing a variety of inspiring settings. We have developed rich and varied opportunities to make learning concepts less abstract and more relevant by placing them in a more realistic, nature-led context. Children are exposed to limitless resources within the Nursery setting. The nature enhanced environment creates a platform for the children to discover and collaborate while they develop a life-long love of nature and the outdoors.

Vibrant, lush nature-based outdoor areas at Kid’s Island Nursery spur non-sedentary learning through active movement and provide for different learning styles. Childrens’ minds are free to explore and develop a sense of wonder. Imagine listening to a story while birds are chirping and shadows from garden trees play against the walls. Imagine sorting sticks and leaves to construct nests and create fascinating structures. Imagine the excitement of watching sand and water travel through colourful pipes, creating mud pie recipes while becoming a Nature Detective. When children are engaged, relaxed and happy they are more open to learning new concepts. Early mathematical concepts, literacy and language development are introduced within outdoor activities involving a garden trail, a fully equipped mud kitchen, exciting multi-sensory stations and a sorting/counting woodland terrace. The curriculum at Kid’s Island Nursery continues to embrace the traditional values of communication, working together, manners, respect, honesty and empathy, while instilling an appreciation for nature.

Building an appreciation and understanding of the world around us is as essential as traditional learning. Our aim at the Nursery is to plant seeds of curiosity within the children, while creating an awareness of nature. We believe that our children should be taught to be environmentally responsible as one day, they will be the eco-warriors of our future.

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