Our Daycare in Dubai

Kid’s Island Nursery offers a unique, holistic, nature-based approach to your child’s education

“Children are not just things to be moulded, but people to be unfolded” - Jess Lair

Early childhood education sets the pace for lifelong learning. Its importance should not be underestimated, especially here in Dubai where the educational landscape is unique in its own right. Finding the right daycare can be an emotional experience, especially for first time parents who may be unsure about which environment fits their family’s needs and what they should be looking for from a nursery. Kid’s Island Nursery, located in Jumeirah/ Umm Suqeim, has been offering quality pre-school education to young children in Dubai for over 28 years

Experience has taught us that language skills, social and emotional development, problem solving and inquisitive thinking are set when young children learn in a relaxed yet exciting daycare environment. We have found that the traditional values of the British Curriculum are best made relevant through opportunities to actively engage with the environment through open-ended tasks, non-sedentary learning and varied nature-based activities. These ignite curiosity building on children’s innate creativity, excitement and enthusiasm. Our daycare is unique in that learning flows between indoors to lush outdoor areas that are rich in exciting sensory experiences: a leafy garden trail, our fully equipped mud kitchen, exciting sensory water & sand area, garden literacy corner and a sorting/counting woodland terrace. Values of manners, working together, sharing, politeness, and empathy continue to be the mainstay of our daycare in Dubai. These, together with the skills they develop throughout the year, give little ones the confidence to transition from daycare in Dubai into big school at a later stage.

What to look for as you are researching for the best daycare in Dubai for your little one:

  • Stimulating, colourful and well-resourced indoor areas

  • Creative, shaded outdoor areas that include sensory, nature-based activities

  • Appropriate staff/children ratios

  • Staff who allow you adequate time, are knowledgeable and can answer your questions with understanding and empathy

  • Information that is relevant and detailed

  • Make a point to see if children are happy, confident and engaged

  • Trust your instincts- they will be your best guide!