Ice Cube Painting

Discussion: What happens to the ice when we paint with it? What happens to the water when put in the freezer? How does the ice feel? 

Activity words: wet, melting, cold, freezing, very cold, frozen, hard….
Remember to make the activity fun, and encourage the children in their creativity.

Preparations: Each teacher must make her own ice cubes.    

  1. Fill a jug (1 liter) with water and add half a bottle of food colouring or paint. You may want to do more than one colour.
  2. Fill the ice cube trays and place in the freezer overnight. You may want to add popsicle sticks.            


  1. Place a piece of paper in front of each child and then give them each an ice cube.
  2. They will see how cold it is to hold and then the excitement of what they can create as the ice-cube melts on their pieces of paper.
  3. Encourage the children to move the ice cube around their piece of paper, creating patterns and shapes.
  4. Allow to dry!